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From: Ed Johnson
If you don’t have Nology coils, convert to them now or convert to them later! Their support and performance is unrivaled! I abused mine by removing the “heat barrier” and over heated mine. I simply called Jeff Klein and he had me send them to him to have them checked! They were not damaged and he returned them to me at no shipping charge! I deal with a lot of companies and not one of them is as easy to deal with as Nology! It was MY ERROR, and they checked my coils at THEIR EXPENSE, and also returned them at THEIR EXPENSE! No one else I know does that! Put this in the files section for anyone that has a question in the future about the quality of Nology Coils!
Those of you in the UK can expect PVL coils to be as reliable. The distributors response may vary.
Ed J.
2001 Triumph Trophy 1200

From: Wayne Horner
Just want to say what a great product HotWire is. I put it on my KTM250SXF 06 last night....what a difference, pulls a lot stronger right from the bottom, great for tight sections. Was a bit sceptical at first but I would say there really was a 10% increase in torque but would need a dyno to confirm.
Great bang for bucks.
Wayne Horner

From: Bud Izen
As many of you know, at the same time I replaced my coils over a year ago (strictly preventative, I was having no symptoms, but I was planning a long cross country back roads trip and didn't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere) I went ahead and got the Nology universal replacement HT (high tension) leads, or spark plug wires if you like.

Anyway, the wires were expensive and when I went to install them, I was plenty unhappy. To begin with, they were WAY longer than the stock wires which meant that they had to be placed carefully so that they would not interfere with anything else under the tank. Second, and more importantly, they didn't come with any way to seal off the spark plug wells which was a HUGE minus.

What I did at the time, to make them work, was to remove the well seals from the old OEM wires and adapt them to the new wires. It was a total kludge and looked it, but it kept the water out and the wires worked ok.

More recently, within the past month, I started having connection problems after having had to remove the tank to replace my throttle cable. Unlike prior experiences, it was not the "input" wires to cylinder 1 coil (the triples use one coil per cylinder) that had fallen off, but the actual connector for the HT wire which became intermittent and fell off when I removed the wire from the coil. The connections were clearly badly made which was REALLY disappointing considering how much the wires cost. While taking them off, one of the other connectors fell apart as well.

Like many of you, the economic downturn has hit me pretty well. Normally I would have just purchased another set of wires (a used OEM set in good shape goes for about $60 from Sprint Engineering in the UK, including shipping. A new set was a bit more).

The cost of an email was considerably less, so I used the web inquiry form and, having nothing to lose, explained my tale of woe to the nice folks at Nology. One of them, Jeff Klein, got right back to me and told me he totally understood the problem and was willing to work at a solution if I could be the guinea pig.

How many companies do you know that will offer to fix something, let alone an electrical component, that has been used on a motorcycle for well over a year?  Not many, that's for sure.

At Jeff's request, I returned my set of universal cables including the modification I had made to put the seals on. Less than a week later, a brand new set of cables arrived. Instead of the universal attachment for the spark plug, these had very well made boots that looked like they would work a treat. Not quite. These had a bell-shaped piece at the end of the tube that goes over the spark plug. Unfortunately, the bell-shape would not clear the narrower section of the spark plug well.

I spoke with Jeff and he told me to modify them any way I wanted to see what would work. It turns out that all that was necessary was to literally cut off the bell-shaped rubber piece. With that piece off, the tube fit perfectly down into the well, sealed against the plug. The seals, now an integral part of the HT wire, fit perfectly on all three wells. You can feel the piece connect to the plug and you can see and hear the seal cover up the hole. This made ALL the difference!!!

It was music to my ears to hear the bike start up right away after sitting for three weeks. There was no hint of any hesitation or otherwise intermittent performance. The proof will be in the pudding when I take the bike out on Sunday, day after tomorrow. I'm planning to put several hundred miles on. The weather's beautiful.

I let Jeff know what I did, and wasted no time sending him some pictures of the wires installed on my bike and also a picture of one of the modified wires with the piece I cut off right next to it, so he would know how much to modify subsequent wires.

I told him I was a member of this list of over 2000 Trophy owners and was intending to post up my experience. I am totally pleased at how well this firm stands behind its product. I believe I can say confidently that if any of you are having an issue with the HT wires from Nology, that if you contact Jeff, he will endeavor to solve your issues.

This is a really good company to deal with. When you call them, you get a person to talk to that actually knows about what you are calling about. This isn't the first time I've contacted them; they've been excellent to deal with each time.

Here's Jeff's contact info - you can call him directly at  760-591-0888 or call Nology's toll free number 800-665-6491 and ask for him (in sales) if he doesn't actually answer the 800 number. Jeff also wanted the URL of our Yahoo Triumph Trophy website, so don't be surprised if he posts something. I did suggest he contact Ken first.

Anyway, if you are unhappy with the Nology HT wires, now you know that there is a solution!

Bud Izen, Turner Oregon

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