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Spark plugs are the subject of much controversy. In comparison to internal combustion engines and their management systems, spark plugs have hardly been developed. Malfunctions still occur, but they are not as noticeable anymore mainly because of improved ambient conditions. At least one of the three most important spark plug properties efficiency, durability, heatrange has to be sacrificed in order to increase or emphasize one of these characteristics.

For high performance or racing applications, an efficient spark plug is needed. Such a spark plug operates optimally only within a narrow heatrange, without any consideration for durability. This is not a good spark plug for street automobiles, as a wide heatrange is essential to assure good drivability under all temperature conditions. Heatrange latitude of standard low cost spark plugs for passenger cars has improved, but with major trade-offs. They are designed to offer a wide heatrange only, without any consideration for efficiency. The ignition system has to compensate for low spark plug efficiency and wide spark plug gap caused by wear.

Original equipment spark plugs offer a wide heatrange and high durability to increase spark plug change intervals. These are the least efficient spark plugs. In order to reduce wear, erosion resistant materials and suppressor resistors are used, considerably sacrificing spark plug efficiency. The correct relationship between efficiency, durability and heatrange is important and has to be considered over the entire life of the spark plug. A functional combination of these properties is possible, it is only a matter of technology and materials used.

When reading spark plug advertisements, one can get the impression that small diameter center electrodes, uniquely shaped electrodes or built-in resistors are the best. Think again. A RESISTOR is exactly what the word implies. When the spark crosses the point of resistance much of the spark energy is lost. A resistor is like an electronic obstacle and could be the cause for a weak spark. Due to manufacturing tolerances and lack of quality control, even non-resistor spark plugs often have a resistance of 10, 100 or even 1000 Ohms. Always check spark plugs for resistance before use.

What about electrode shape? Spark plug manufacturers will tell you that a small diameter center electrode makes it easier for the spark to jump the electrode gap. This is true, but what they are not saying is that such a spark is also weaker, since it takes a lower voltage to jump the gap. A spark jumps the electrode gap when the voltage at the electrodes reaches the ionization point, since the ionization point, (voltage needed to jump the gap), is lower when a small diameter center electrode is utilized, spark voltage is also lower. Exactly what a performance orientated consumer doesn't want.
Properties of Materials for Spark Plug Electrodes
Material Thermal
Silver 407 66
Copper 384 57
Gold 310 45
Platinum 70 10
Nickel 59 10
Steel 58 7
W/(m·K) = Energy per meter and Kelvin (1kcal/(m·h·grd) = 1.163 W/(m·K)
MS/m = Mega Siemens per meter (1S m/mm2 = 1MS/m), (1S = 1/3)

Nology Silver are  designed for modern high performance engines and are the only spark plugs that optimal incorporate all desired properties. The most important decision when building spark plugs is what materials to use. Not the electrode shape. The more than 80 year old original design is still the most successful and widely used.

Silver is the best electrical and thermal conductor of any metal, and therefore the best material for the center electrode. In managing the ever changing combustion chamber temperatures, caused by different engine and load conditions, silver is unsurpassed. To prevent plug fouling, optimum operating temperature is reached shortly after start up, yet under full throttle, when things really start to get hot, heat is dissipated rapidly. Silver provides the widest heatrange latitude. As the best electrical conductor, silver assures that the spark encounters the least resistance and virtually no spark energy is lost. Unlike conventional electrode materials, silver delivers the most powerful spark possible and therefore guarantees combustion initiation. The large diameter silver center electrode increases spark carrying ability and with it spark power. Silver is extremely resistant to erosion, guaranteeing a virtually unchanged electrode gap for the life of the spark plug. This greatly extends change intervals. Nology Silver is the most efficient, durable and thermally adaptable spark plug available and delivers the most powerful spark.

If it is a racing plug you are looking for, or a dependable and efficient spark plug for everyday street use, Nology Silver is the one for you.


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