Racing Teams and their success, using the Nology® Ignition Technology:

Black Race Car

Paul Gentilozzi wins Trans-Am Series
Drivers' Championship with Nology.
1998 & 1999

SCCA Club Racing

RC Imports Mercedes race car equipped with Nology Hot Wires.
Gray Race Car

White Race Car Nology equipped cars don't just go fast they also look good.

Before he used HotWires his car only looked good.

White Race Car Parked

Issue: 1998 Souvenier Program
PROSTAR Magazine

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White Race Car Parked

Jack Clark: NHRA TopFuel Driver: Mike Dunn

1992 Slick 50 Nationals in Houston: the sport's then fastest speed at 297.12 mph.

1993: 299 mph twice and 298 mph three times.

Driver: Ed McCulloch

1994 Winter Nationals in Pomona: 304.05 mph

Darrell Gwynn: NHRA TopFuel Driver: Mike Dunn

1993 Mile-High Nationals in Denver: Winner (first, and only, time on Gwynn's car in 1993).

Mike Medenhall NASCAR Late Model/Sportsman:

169 Starts, 23 Wins, 93 Top 5 Finishes, 20 Fast Qualifiers, 94 Top 5 Qualifiers.

Amato Racing: NHRA TopFuel Driver: Joe Amato

1994 Winter Nationals in Pomona: (first time on Amato's car) 4.751 sec.(record), 1994 Quality Care Nationals in Phoenix: 4.757 sec. and 4.768 sec., 1994 Gator Nationals in Gainsville: 303.13 mph.

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"Big Daddy" Don Garlits: TopFuel Driver: Bruce Larson

1993 Mopar Parts Nationals in Englishtown: 299 mph, 1994 Winter Nationals in Pomona: 4.885 sec.

Rick Ellinger

I would like to thank you for the sponsorship last year. My wife and I had a great season racing in the SCCA. We ran over 25 races together in '97 including 2 first places. I just want to say what a great product. We ran your wires, coil, and plugs and at my first race at my home track, Summit Point I ran 9/10ths of a second faster for 13 of the 15 laps. At Pocono I ran 3.9 seconds faster and beat 3 Corvettes. Your products took care of a problem that I was not aware that I had. The cars ran much better in the 5,000 to 7,000 rpm range with no hesitation. Enclosed is a picture of my wife's car at the Moroso 24 Hour Race in West Palm Beach. Also I sent you a copy of an article a crew member wrote which is going to be published in the STAR, the Mercedes club magazine. Thank you!

Castrol GTX: NHRA Funny Car Driver: John Force

Used it in 1993 (World Champion)

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Dan Longacre

Easy Ignition Upgrade
Many racers are skeptical when you tell them they can get horsepower increases from something as mundane as plug wires and a coil. But the Nology HotWires and ProFire do exactly that. To substantiate Nology's claims, we decided to test Dan Longacre's 1963 MGB on the dyno. Dan races his MGB in VARA and is the current E-Production Champion. The chassis dyno we used belongs to Dave Evans of Evanspeed. Dave has been tuning high performance engines for more than 15 years and is no stranger to vintage cars. First we established the baseline horsepower trough a number of dyno runs with the stock set-up and a perfectly dialed-in motor. Next, we installed the HotWires and the ProFire coil and retested the Ron Hlavka built motor. As claimed by Nology, we saw a substantial performance increase across the board. Since most vintage racers are purists and don't want to install those high performance red ignition boxes, Nology's HotWires are the perfect ignition upgrade. Furthermore, plug wire upgrades are not regulated and are legal in all vintage classes. How can plug wires do this? HotWires are engineered with a special built-in capacitor, exclusive only to HotWires. This revolutionary and patent pending design allows spark energy to accumulate in the capacitor until the voltage reaches the ionization point. At that split-second the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once. The resulting spark is up to 300 times more powerful. Combustion is faster and more complete, resulting in increased horsepower and a cleaner burn. Replacing conventional ignition wires with HotWires is the easiest way to increase the performance of any engine. The numbers speak for themselves:

Bobby Regester

Super Stock Car, Pikes Peak Hill Climb: July 4 1995: Winner

Ferrari F40

HotWires at work on Ferrari's Supercar, the F40.

Chuck Rayburn

National Record Holder NHRA B Stock Automatic, '71 Doge Challenger 440 six-pack, 1/4 mile ET of 10.33 and 127.2 mph. "My HotWires and Profire M80 coil worked perfect...Thank You Nology!"

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Gene Buell

NHRA A-Stock Dragster best E.T. of 10.296@130.12 mph. 430 hp Max-Wedge. "How's this for Wheelie Pulling Power! Thanks for the product!"

Doc Jeffries

A veteran on the Bonneville Salt. Land Speed Record Holder

Dan Holtz: Special Truck Series 1997 Champion

"Thank you Nology for your support in 1997"

Deutsch Tech

Nology on chevy truck.


HotWires and Ferrari, what a team! At the Nurburg ring.


HotWires south of the border.

Porsche 944

The Broadfoot Porsche in Daytona

Orange Motorcycle Doug Vancil
World Top Fuel Record with Nology.

6.601 seconds.

Chicago Joe

Chicago Joe from Trust-Me-Racing puts his trust in Nology.
Black Motorcycle

Keith Lynn

Kawasaki Turbo Charged NOS Funny Bike

Gainsville Nov. '94. Set new national record

Time: 6.93 at 190.23 mph, first time on bike

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Larry McBride

Kawasaki FunnyBike

Larry McBride on Harley

Blue Motorcycle

Bill Furr

ADBA 1st '99 Harley-Davidson Top Fuel Dragster

ADBA 2nd 98
IHARA 2nd 98

1/4 mile ET of 6.797 and 205.65 mph.
National Champion 1997 AHDRA & # 1 Plate

1st Top Fuel Harley World Champion

Armon Furr

National Champion 1997 ADBA Pro Fuel,
Harley-Davidson, 1/4 mile ET of 7.248
Pro Fuel Harley
ADBA Champion 98

Russ Romero

Harley-Davidson Pro Gas Dragster

Phoenix April 2nd '95. 1st qualifier and event winner.

Time: 8.51 at 154.79 mph, first time on bike. Division Champion 1995

Lee Colsmann

Orlando March 9th '95. 1st qualifier and event winner.

Time: 8.93 at 146.62 mph, first time on bike. Division Champion 1995

Mac Attack: NHRA TopFuel Driver: Cory McClenathan

1993 Winston Finals in Pomona: an incredible 299.30 mph, 300.60 mph, 301.50 mph and 302.21 mph, back to back, the first time on car

Budweiser Team: NHRA TopFuel Driver: Kenny Bernstein

Used it in 1994: Houston Match Race 306 mph

After 1998 the list of racers using NOLOGY products has grown so long it would take to much too list here. However, be assured top racing teams around the world use NOLOGY products.

If you would like to know who uses NOLOGY products in your class, DON'T CALL NOLOGY. Just look at the guy who is always a little faster then you!

To all users of NOLOGY products, YOUR SECRET IS SAFE WITH US!

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