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Bavarian Speed Racer

The 2.3-liter four-cylinder pushes out 190 horses to the wheels with only minor modifications-upgraded air flow meter, Nology Hotwires, a DTM lightened flywheel and DTM exhaust system. Factory horsepower is rated at 192 horses at the flywheel.


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Biker Magazine Cover

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"It starts pulling right off idle and continues to over 100 mph. That's saying a lot, considerig the big load I pack around. The first chance I get I'm gonna put the Crane Single Fire Hi-4 Ignition system on board along with a set of Nology Hot Wires."

Getting a '97 Corvette to run in the 12s

"The Nology ignition whipped up the big drums on the dynojet to the tune of 11 more horsepower."

Corvette Fever

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The Truth About Weak Ignitions

"...we replaced the stock plugs and wires with Nology Hotwires and Beru Silverstone plugs. Sure enough, that combination produced the results that we had been expecting..." (more)

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Alfa Owners, Project 164

"Upon starting the car with the newly installed Nology HotWires, there was a noticeable difference, even in just the cold idle performance - it seemed smoother and less laborious. Under part-throttle driving, the motor felt more willing to rev and in need of less throttle for the same amount of acceleration. "

Drag Racing

"For years I have been testing the NOLOGY Spark Plug Cables, the only cable that radically reprocesses the coil's output to the plug."

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Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords

"After all the testing was completed, we saw an average of six more horsepower in the usable rpm range."


"To our surprise, 20-70 mph times were reduced by an average of three-tenths."

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Popular Hot Rodding

"Firing the plugs through Nology HotWires, the spark intensity was dramatically increased."

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"These were previously back-to-back tested against three of the top brands of conventional competition plug cables and showed 7, 10 and 13 horsepower increases on what were nominally 175, 300 and 350 horsepower engines."

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Grassroots Motorsports

"These products all worked well on our stock Honda Civic test vehicle. On 30-60 mph acceleration tests, the Nology equipped car showed an average of .28 seconds improvement over the stock setup."

Super Chevy

"The best torque increase amounted to eight foot pounds, while peak power went up by 7.5 horsepower. The Nology HotWires appear to have the ability to step up a stock ignition to that of a race system.....and a race system beyond that."

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European Car

"Better low-end pull, better throttle response, better drivability and improved mileage all from a set of wires, plugs and ignition coil amplifier."

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Hot Rod Bikes

"With peak power the best yet at 52.3 hp. More importantly, average power is a whopping 47.1 horsepower, compared to stock at 40.9 horsepower."

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Dirt Bike

"Nology HotWires are one of the least expensive parts of any kind that make a performance difference you can feel."

Thunder Alley

"Many riders I talked to are skeptical when you tell them they can get horsepower increases from something as mundane as plug wires. But the Nology HotWires do exactly that."

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American Iron Magazine

"The results were amazing. Simply by replacing the spark plug wires our maximum horsepower climbed 11% from 47.0 to 52.3, and the torque jumped 8% from 58.8 ft-lb to 63.6."

Sport Compact Car

"The greatest increase in power was measured at the torque peak of 4600 rpm a difference of three hp was recorded. At 3200rpm, a five lb-ft difference in torque was noted."

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Hot Boat

"You Can't light a fire without a spark."

High Performance Mopar

"The challenger launches pretty smoothly, only lifting the wheels 2-3 inches."

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All Chevy

"As for the wires, Nology's HotWires line works like eight separate amplifiers."

E-mail Quotes

Dear Sirs,

I currently carry your HotWires with my business and I recently became extremely interested in trying them out on my 2000 Honda Civic. I currently have an air/fuel ratio gauge installed on my car and it seems to work very well.
Well, I installed your wires and then tested them out. It seemed to me that the seat of the pants feel was greatly increased, it seemed as though my car required less effort to do the same task, which initally indicated a performance boost, then I began to monitor my air/fuel gauge and it indicated that at full throttle, the ratio was more into the stochiometric range than it has ever been at full throttle. Usually the LED lights on the gauge would be fully into the rich side indicating an amount of usuable gas still remained after combustion and now indicates that after the installation of your wires, I am getting a more complete burn of the usuable gas and that tells me that the emissions should be lower now and the top end should be a little easier to win over.
Just wanted to drop a line to you guys to tell you what a great product you have produced and how proud I am to sell such a quality product with my business.

Thanks a million!!

Best Regards,

Scott Marshall
San Antonio, Texas
2000 Honda Civic DX

In light of the number of inquiries, I'll post this here rather than individually...

Apparently Nology was awaiting feedback from me on the first set of 164 wires before making the wires available to the masses. As long as they've waited this long, I suggested they wait a few days longer and I'll give them some specific suggestions on reducing the length of some of the wires. Otherwise, the wires will be available for the V6 164 with a part# 011 026 011.

Incidentally, I can now verify that these wires can reduce emissions output. Due to an exhaust leak ahead of the cat', I was putting put hydrocarbon emissions of 350PPM with the stock wires; 173PPM immediately after swapping in (only) the HotWires - this is still too high, but it did allow me to pass inspection until I get the exhaust leak fixed.

Brad Anesi

Definitely the most technologically advanced components in the industry!! I am thoroughly impressed with the appearance and function of your Hot Wires and Profire Coil. I own a nitrous injected '93 5.0L Mustang that I drag race in spare time. Nology gets the job done!

Ryan Skaggs Meineke
Bartonsville, IL

I have been using Nology Hotwires and Silverstone spark plugs on my Rover 620SLi for the past one year. The result is very interesting, I get more power out of my engine, proven by my car accelerating faster and the top speed increasing. Also at the same time I save on fuel. I have tried products by other manufacturers before but nothing seems to run like Nology. I would like to learn more of your other products.

Thank you.

Your wires are undoubtably the best wires that I have seen to date. You guys have definatly come up with a real winner here. I can honestly say that this is a revolutionary step in ignition techNOLOGY Anyway, keep those braincells working on even better stuff (if possible). Thank you for your time. P.S. If you have any catalogs lying around, we would appreciate a copy or two.

Thanks again.
Casey Fayette
North Dakota

I want to thank you very much for you excellent service. I received the HOT WIRES yesterday and I installed them in my Integra TYPE-R last night. DAMN! The responsiveness is truely excellent. These wires should have come with this engine management system. I am exceptionally pleased.

I do need a little help. Do you recommend any particular "harness" arrangement for the wires on the Integra. I think I have a clean installation but I just want to be sure.

Thank you again very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Somatican
Duxbury, MA

Recently purchased wires and plugs for '97 Saturn that was modified. Wow! Concept really does work.

Well done!
Mark Franklin

I'm impressed with the approach but by adding a cap into the spark plug wire does this not create a delay in the spark as the charge builds up causing a delay in the timing. As far as the spark plugs go, please send the price for six for a 4.0 liter JEEP Cherokee 1988.

Mark Franklin

I bought a set of Nology wires about 2 months ago. The wires are fantastic and it feels as though I have MORE horsepower than some of my buddies who have installed aftermarket ignition systems.

Nology, still the best

Thank you very much for an excellent product. I recently installed your wires on my '87 Saab 900 SPG with 175,00 miles on it and I gained 50 to 90 mpg per tank. My guestion is regarding these wires for motorcycles. Is there the same performance improvement on a bike which I saw on my car. and what is the price for everything which is recomended. I have a '96 Harley-Davidson FLHTCI (the fuel injected model). I was also wondering if there is a price break which can be given if several units are purchased. I will soon be a member of the Antioc Motor Corps which contains 17 motorcycles. I think that if there is an equal performance increase on my bike and car that I would probably have several people interested.

Thank you very much for your help.
Gary Moore

You're website info is making me reconsider everything that I have "learned" about plugs & wires!

I need NOLOGY!!!


Recently I performed an ignition upgrade on my 1979 635CSi.

I purchased the wires, coil, and Silverstone spark plugs. Consensus opinion from whom I spoke to, said that for best results, I should definitely look at the upgrade as a system, and to not just purchase the "Hot Wires."

The result was an absolute increase in performance. I can feel the increase all through the RPM range. The car pulls much smoother, quicker, and to a higher RPM level than before.

They claim a 5-7% increase for my application, about 10-15 millions stallions in my case, It sure feels that way.

As expected, the engine does run cooler and my mpg has improved. I drove to S.F. Bay Area and back and used approximately 1/8 less gasoline than usual, that's about a 2 mpg improvement. I expect the emissions have improved as well.

I would suggest that anyone who is looking for additional performance, especially on earlier sedans, coupes, and any '02, that you consider an upgrade to your current old style ignition system. Based on my expertise, I would recommend the Nology system. See you in the rear view mirror.

Mark Robbins


I just read your ad in the December issue of Excellence. ( with Excellence, you scour each issue three times: first time to look at the pictures, second time to read the ads, third time to read the articles).

I have been a customer of Engines Builder's Supply ever since they moved to Sparks, Nevada from California; and Jon Friesmidl (EBS owner) and I have become good friends since the move. Thus' it was wariness in an unknown product and trust in a friend that I spent the money for Nology wires, coil and Silverstone plugs only a couple months after installing a new O.E.M. wire set and coil on my '77 911S.

Simply put, I could not believe the difference that Nology wires and coil made in the performance of my engine. I could actually feel the difference before and after!

I have approx. 15,000 miles on a major overhaul of my 2.7 liter engine. Aside from the usual wear items replaced, I changed to SC cams, RSR flywheel, RS pressure plate, SSI heat exchangers and Bursh exhaust. Jon supplied flow matched injectors for the FI system.

Following the overhaul I had a roughness that I traced to the ignition system but was unable to completely tune out. I ended up replacing the ignition wires and coil, but the problem still wasn't completely resolved. Then Jon became a distributor for Nology.

The very first time I fired the engine after installing your products I detected a change. I don't know how to explain it or why it occurs, but I can detect a "sharpness" or "snap" or "crack" in the exhaust note that it was not there before installing the Nology products.

Due to out altitude in Reno, our normally aspirated engines run out of air long before they run out of cams! The Nology products substantially increases my useable power on the upper end of the rpm range.

Oh, and for me most important! As soon as I installed the Nology products the roughness that had been present since the rebuild was gone. The engine starts quicker in sub-freezing temperature, and passes emissions tests without any adjustments from normal driving settings ( I run no emission controls on the engine).

Carl McLelland

Recently, I performed an ignition upgrade on my 1979 635Csi. Prior to the Nology tech session, I hadn't given an ignition upgrade any thought. But afterwards, I was sold on the idea. I decided to speak to several people regarding the products that are widely available. Most answers kept coming back to what most have used for years, an MSD system. Some of these are even programmable. The Nology representative had provided us with a fantastic amount of information that, in my opinion, and after weighing all the information that I had, titled the Nology ignition system in my favor. In addition to street use, the Nology system is successfully being used in racing applications where other old stand by systems, were once used. This was a big factor in my decision. Most of the answers I received regarding the MSD type ignition system dealt with the familiarity of the systems, not that it was necessarily any better, "It's just what everybody has used for so long," was what it seemed to boil down to. Everybody used to use bias ply tires once upon a time as well. Change can be good! Once in awhile we must embrace it.

So off to Nology I went. I purchased the wires, coil, and Silverstone spark plugs. Consensus opinion from whom I spoke to, said that for best results, I should definitely look at the upgrade as a system, and to not purchase the Hot Wires." I agreed. For my application, we had to custom cut the wires in their shop, no problem. They were nice enough to do it the same day. The result was an absolute increase in performance. I can feel the increase all through the RPM range. The car pulls much smoother, quicker, and to a higher RPM level than before. I figured having an older style ignition system updated to a performance system that I'd feel some difference, well, I felt a lot difference! They claim a 5-7% increase for application, about 10-15 stallions in my case, It sure feels that way. Later, I plan to re-dyno the car to confirm my results. In addition, the exhaust note has a growl as well, as fuel is more thoroughly burned. As expected the engine does run cooler and mpg has improved. I drove to the S.F. Bay Area and back and used approximately 1/8 less gasoline than usual, that' about a 2 mpg improvement. I expect the emissions have improved as well.

I would suggest that anyone who is looking from additional performance, especially on the earlier sedans, coupes, and any '02, that you consider an upgrade to your current old style ignition system. Based on my experience, I would recommend the Nology system. See you in the rear view mirror.

Mark Robbins, V.P.

Thank you for sending out the replacement ignition wires so quickly. As it turned out, however, the customer ended up taking the red wires. He decided he liked their looks better than the blue ones.

He liked the performance even more, and wanted me to let you know how happy he is with your product. His '91 Miata has a custom turbo system installed and already develops 217hp at the rear wheels on a Dynojet chassis dyno! He said that installing the wires felt like another 10hp, and the throttle is now much more responsive. Further, the exhaust is burning much cleaner - there's a lot less black soot in the tail pipe now.

I'm returning the blue wires, as well as the 4 spark plugs that we not ordered. Thank you again for your good service. We are really pleased with the results your products have given on every car we've installed them on. More importantly, the customers are happy.

Chris Carroll

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