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  • Increased fuel economy
  • Cleans injectors
  • Increased performance
  • Removes deposits
  • Add 1oz. per 10 gallons

PowerBoost® contains cleaning agents, solvents, and enzymes that will remove deposits on pistons, combustion chambers, valves, and catalytic converters restoring engine performance and lowering emissions. PowerBoost® is a catalyst that improves fuel/air mixture formation, which together with the cleaning of fuel injectors and the restoration of injector spray patterns, assures excellent fuel atomization and a octane booster effect. A homogeneous fuel/air mixture has the same effect as higher octane fuel. Continued use prevents reformation of deposits assuring prolonged efficient and low polluting engine.

PowerBoost® increases fuel efficiency and engine performance, and lowers exhaust emissions. It is completely harmless to catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, and is EPA approved.


This race-proven gasoline additive delivers a PowerBoost®.

Part# Description
190 001 531 PowerBoost / 12 ounces


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