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International Magazine Editorials:

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Hot Rod

"Full-throttle testing extracted an extra 7.3 horsepower and 7.8 ft-lbs of torque from the 320hp engine."

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Back Off

"The Good One's Impression: It's all thumbs-up!"


"HotWires installation on Toyota 1600 AE '86."

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Thunder Cycles

"Die extrem starke Plasmaentladung sorgt fur eine optimierte Entflammung und Verbrennung des Gemischs. Besseres Startverhalten, hohere Leistung im gesamten Drehzahlbereich, meht Drehmoment sowie weniger schadliche Abgase sind die erfreulichen Effekte dieser Technilogie."

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Fast Car

"Even when tested with a high-output multi-spark ignition the Nology HotWires still added measurably to the test engines output. In this test (small block Chevy) torque improved 8 lb-ft, and peak power rose by 7.5 bhp."

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"Nology products available in Singapore."

High Performance

"HotWires in Germany."

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"Power and torque outputs received an even bigger boost in the all critical midrange. This would translate into greater driveability, fuel economy and better overall acceleration.."


"Nology products available in Thailand."

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