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Nology Engineering developed HotWires for performance or emissions orientated applications. A high energy ignition system is absolutely essential when attempting to reduce emissions, or when building a high performance engine.

Television news and headline stories are filled with reports on global warming, ozone depletion and the need for more fuel efficient, less polluting automobiles.

Lawmakers and environmental groups try to force car manufacturers to build low emission vehicles known as LEV's, in order to eliminate poor fuel efficiency and air pollution.

LEV's could come with gasoline powered engines, equipped with new fuel saving and pollution reducing technology, or with engines able to operate on alternative fuels. Scientists and engineers assert that alternative fuels are not the solution of choice for many reasons. A big issue is the need for a fuel distribution network. Using alternative fuels increases fuel consumption, greatly reducing the driving range between fill-up's and emissions from such an engine can be just as harmful as those of gasoline engines. There are also fundamental safety concerns when carrying some alternative fuels on passenger cars. That leaves us with gasoline powered LEV's. Here we are confronted with a different problem. Car manufacturers claim that they are having a tough time working to meet future emission standards for gasoline powered engines using existing technology. The engine in an LEV has to operate ultra lean for it to be less polluting and more fuel efficient. Such a lean fuel mixture is difficult to ignite using conventional ignition systems.

HotWires surpass conventional ignition systems by a wide margin. They generate a high power, ultra short spark that can ignite even lean fuel mixtures. Using HotWires results in an easier starting, smoother running and less polluting engine. Life expectancy of the engine is increased. A substantial increase in power is possible. A reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions is always observed. HotWires can be installed in cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats of any year as a retrofit device, or as original equipment.
Superflow Engine Cycle Analysis (ECA)
Test Unit Stock Ignition HotWire Ignition Charge %
EGT @ 4500 RPM °F 1274 1241 -2.6
S (Standard Deviation) 1 48.8 43.8 -9.5
S/mean 1 0.055 0.047 -15
BSFC lb/hphr 841 813 -3.3
Pmax(over 20 cycles) psi 873 931 +6.6
CA @ Pmax Degree CA 10.4 8.8 -1.6°


1. Increased combustion pressures (Pmax)
2. Decreased cycle to cycle variation (S)
3. Decreased fuel consumption (BSFC)
4. Decreased exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
5. Faster combustion (CA@Pmax)

Emission Oriented Application
Many engine and car manufacturers have tried to lean out the fuel mixture of gasoline as well as alternative fuel engines, in order to improve exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Performance Oriented Application
Engineers have taken modern race cars to the cutting edge of technology in the search for more horsepower. Fuel systems have progressed from carburetors to fuel injections, exhaust manifolds made way to highly tuned exhaust headers, induction is aided by turbochargers or compressors and multiple intake valves are standard. It seems that engineers have forgotten the ignition system as a source for more horsepower. Modern ignition systems have improved more in their reliability than in performance.

The HotWires high energy ignition system is revolutionary in design and characteristics and is extremely powerful. Independent tests confirm, HotWires increase horsepower. Unlike conventional ignition systems, HotWires discharge a very high energy spark within an ultra short pulse of only a few nanoseconds. This high energy discharge mode is maintained throughout the full rpm range. HotWires is the only ignition system that has a significant influence on the entire combustion cycle. HotWires enhance the flame front growth and decrease the cycle to cycle variation, resulting in a faster and more stabilized burn. This combustion enhancement results in more horsepower.
Horsepower Test on Superflow Dyno
Test Stock Wires HotWires Increase HP Increase %
4500 305.7 308.3 2.6 0.9
5000 337.9 342.4 4.5 1.3
5500 351.4 359.2 7.8 2.2
5750 350.5 358.6 8.1 2.4

HotWires show an increase of 8 horsepower on this Small Block Chevy


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