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Nology Ignition Technology is Sparking Interest

Television news and headline stories are filled with reports on global warming, ozone depletion and the need for more fuel efficient, less polluting automobiles. Lawmakers and environmental groups have been exerting pressure on new car manufacturers to build low emission vehicles, known as LEV's, in order to improve fuel efficiency and reduce air pollution. However, car manufacturers claim that they are having a tough time meeting future emission standards using existing technology. They claim that the engine in a LEV has to operate ultra-lean to improve exhaust emissions and to be more fuel efficient. However, this ultra-lean gas mixture cannot be ignited reliably using conventional ignition systems. The ignition energy and power of such systems are not high enough.

That's where Nology ignition products have piqued the interest of engine builders. On October 10th 1996, the California Air Resources Board assigned Executive Order # D-414 making HotWires legal for street use. At a time when even automobile manufacturers have a tough time meeting future emission standards, the Nology technology looks promising and could be the solution to the automakers failing attempts for compliance.

This growing optimism is supported by years of thorough research and development. Nology has confirmed the possibility of igniting ultra-lean gas mixtures by applying a very short high power plasma spark, like the one generated by the revolutionary and extremely powerful HotWires ignition system, Nology's primary product. Using HotWires results in a smoother running, less fuel consuming and potentially less polluting engine. HotWires is the only ignition system on the market that has a substantial influence on the combustion process. Independent tests show enhanced flame front growth and decreased cycle-to-cycle variation, resulting in a faster more stabilized combustion. This combustion enhancement decreases fuel consumption and increases horsepower.

This technological development has led to broad acceptance of Nology products for motorsport applications. Many of the top racing teams around the world use Nology products and the list continues to grow, as other racing teams turn to Nology to improve their success. Seeing Nology products installed on some of the fastest race cars, driven by some of the worlds most famous drivers, is a testimonial to Nology's products.

As impressive as Nology's motorsports achievements have been, it is the company's products for everyday vehicles that assures future growth and increased market shares. Nology's winning combination of cutting edge technology and vast experience has resulted in improved engine efficiency and performance. These innovations have and will continue to build Nology's reputation for performance, economy, quality and lasting function.

Nology products represent an evolutionary step forward in the field of thermo-dynamics in internal combustion, spark ignited engines. Future product developments will continue to identify the Nology name with innovation.
Superflow Engine Cycle Analysis (ECA)
Test Unit Stock Ignition HotWire Ignition Charge %
EGT @ 4500 RPM °F 1274 1241 -2.6
S (Standard Deviation) 1 48.8 43.8 -9.5
S/mean 1 0.055 0.047 -15
BSFC lb/hphr 841 813 -3.3
Pmax(over 20 cycles) psi 873 931 +6.6
CA @ Pmax Degree CA 10.4 8.8 -1.6°


1. Increased combustion pressures (Pmax)
2. Decreased cycle to cycle variation (S)
3. Decreased fuel consumption (BSFC)
4. Decreased exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
5. Faster combustion (CA@Pmax)

The Solution

Nology Engineering developed HotWires for performance or emissions orientated applications. A high energy ignition system is absolutely essential when attempting to reduce emissions, or when building a high performance engine.

HotWires surpass conventional ignition systems by a wide margin. They generate a high power, ultra short spark that can ignite even lean fuel mixtures. Using HotWires results in an easier starting, smoother running and less polluting engine. HotWires can be installed in cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats of any year, as a retrofit device or as original equipment.


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